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Tuesday             2pm  -  8pm


Wednesday      10.30pm  - 2pm


Thursday           2pm  - 8pm

Friday                 2pm    -   6pm

Saturday            9am    -   4pm

Tim Rhodes RMT

Tim has built a busy practice in the Comox Valley over the last 6 years.

In that time Tim has developed his skills as a Therapist; gaining continuing education credits in Muscle Energy and Graston Technique.

Tim believes that good Massage Therapy is about applying the best technique appropriate to the situation. That means having a good understanding of each clients needs.

"Clients' will often ask what kind of massage do you do? The best response is; it depends on what your body needs.  As Registered Massage Therapists we all have an extensive toolkit of techniques."

"For someone experiencing stress and anxiety I may focus more on a relaxation treatment and take less of a clinical approach. For a whiplash injury; Orthopedic assessment and physical pain relief may be the focus.  One person may respond well to deeper techniques while others clients benefit from lighter pressure".

Tim is qualified as a Graston Provider; which involves the use of instruments to assess and treat soft tissue injuries. 

Whatever your needs, Tim will help guide you through your therapy to reach your health goals.




Sunday      9am  -  5pm


Monday     9am  -  5pm

Tuesday     9am  - 1.30pm

Thursday   9am  - 1.30pm

Heather McAnna Non BC RMT

Theather holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage from the Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE Queensland in Australia and is a certified Stott Pilates Instructor. She has been actively practicing massage therapy since 2010 both in Australia and Canada.


Heather views massage as an integral part of a patient’s overall emotional and physical health, and focuses on treatment plans and goals that are customized to fit each patient. Heather believes in not only providing relief from specific symptoms, but also getting to the root of the problem to provide preventative treatment.


Regardless of the reason for your visit, she is invested in playing an active role in your wellness journey by incorporating multiple modalities into her treatment plan.


Heather’s background in postural alignment & functional movement from her Pilates training allows her to give clients home programs that will assist in their preventative health regime. Heather has a strong drive for personal growth and knowledge that inspires her to always show up for her patients with their best interests at heart and continue to learn and train to provide the best care possible.


Heather loves being a mum to her two kids, exploring the world and her own backyard trails, connecting with community, reading and practicing Pilates.

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