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Muscle Energy 

Muscle Energy Technique involves the client being actively involved contracting muscles with the guidance of the RMT. The purpose is to help reduce muscle pain which may otherwise be difficult to treat with other modalities.

Joint Mobilizations

Joints with a restricted movement can cause pain and reduced range of motion. When appropriate an RMT can help increase the mobility of a joint with small stretching techniques.

Myofascial Release

Every structure in the body is surrounded by fascia. In some cases fascia can cause a restriction in movement which can be a cause of pain and lack of mobility. Focused work on releasing fascia restrictions can be effective at improving function and reducing pain.


Swedish Techniques are the basic massage techniques that can be very effective at reducing stress , increasing blood flow and reduce muscle tension. In some cases Swedish is the best modality for a client with high stress.

Triggerpoint Therapy

Small areas of muscle tension often referred to as 'knots' by many clients are the result of a lack of blood supply to a small area of muscle. Trigger point therapy focuses on releasing these areas with good palpation and the correct amount of pressure; allowing muscle to relax and blood flow to increase, reducing pain. Trigger points are so called as the pain often refers to other parts of the body. A release of a Trigger Point means a big reduction in muscle pain. Often this is in the form of a headache or upper back pain.

Graston Technique

GT involves the use if instruments as an alternative to manual therapy with fingers, hands or elbows. When appropriate the use of a specific instrument involving a metal edge can be effective and reducing fascia adhesions and scar tissue where other manual therapy may not be as effective. It has been proven to increase fibroblastic activity and break down scar tissue. Recovering from a sports injury is a common application although it can be used for many different circumstances.

Neurokinetic Therapy

NKT is a sophisticated assessment and treatment tool for muscles with dysfunction. This involves retraining the connection between brain and muscle firing to restore muscle function and reduce recurring chronic pain.

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